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Hot Desking is the concept of having a flexible seating arrangement instead of fixed desks for employees in Melbourne offices. With an increase in the demand for coworking spaces in Australia, the number of shared spaces has grown by 26% in 2017-2018 as per a report by Office Hub. Melbourne is the second-largest coworking market in Australia and hence desk

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With the advancement of technology and popularity of the internet, staying updated and connected has become a way of life. For a thriving business, this has become a necessity. Moreover, the overall nature of businesses is changing. In this day and age, everyone wants to be able to work in spaces that give them more freedom and authority. This is

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Virtual office space in Melbourne is anything but a tangible workplace. It is basically a co-working space that provides its address and phone number to businesses for official use. Unlike a physical office, a virtual office does not demand the actual presence of employees every day at the workplace. It works on the more flexible, work from home model. A study by OWL

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