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Why Hot Desking is the Future for Businesses in Melbourne?

Why Hot Desking is the Future for Businesses in Melbourne?

Hot Desking is the concept of having a flexible seating arrangement instead of fixed desks for employees in Melbourne offices. With an increase in the demand for coworking spaces in Australia, the number of shared spaces has grown by 26% in 2017-2018 as per a report by Office Hub. Melbourne is the second-largest coworking market in Australia and hence desk spaces for rent are in great demand in the metropolis.

As per a 2016 report by Deloitte, by 2020 the number of fixed desks for every ten knowledge-intensive employees may decrease from eight to seven. Moreover, an article by The Australian Financial Review says that out of 100 Australian multinational companies, 57% will hire more employees while only 22% will increase the size of their office spaces. Therefore,  there will be a major shift towards hot-desking and desk spaces for rent in cities like Melbourne and Sydney.

Such trends only strengthen the fact that hot desking might be the future of businesses. However, it is important to note that there are several positive reasons for this inevitable change.

Some of the benefits of hot desks have been explored below:

  1. Promotes Social Culture

Hot Desking in Melbourne can hone social skills of freelancers, company employees or solo entrepreneurs working in rental desk spaces. No matter the level of extrovertedness, a person cannot avoid conversation with their desk neighbour forever. Since there is no permanent desk and one has to keep shifting as per space available, they might end up sitting next to an extremely diverse set of individuals with different personalities. In consequence, one might end up communicating with a variety of people. Hot desks thus promote social culture and encourage conversation. This will assist an individual by making parley with clients having varied temperaments less daunting.

  1. Encourages Collaborations

Hiring a desk space for rent results in the workplace being shared by people possessing assorted skills and talents. It is accordingly easier to collaborate with a myriad of individuals depending on your requirement. In addition, hot-desking gives you an opportunity to learn what you desire from skilled experts. This also increases a person’s knowledge about a myriad of topics, related or unrelated to their profession. Such collaborations also go on to strengthen social capital by stimulating teamwork.

  1. Creates Cleaner Office Spaces

As per research by Strategos, an uncluttered working space leads to 167% improvement in productivity. When working at a permanent desk, employees tend to make space their own by putting up motivational posts, decorative items and more. This marking of space also leads to cluttered desks filled with piling work materials. But in a rented desk space where hot-desking is the norm, workers keep changing places depending on factors like free space, mood and so on. This leads to a regular clean up as the employee is forced to declutter each time he shifts to a newer desk, consequently increasing factors such as attention span and persistence.

  1. Helps in Customising Ambience

Hot desking allows one to sit at different places on different days in their Melbourne office space. On that account, an employee can customise their working environment as per their mood and workload. One can choose to sit in an isolated corner when they need more privacy and focus while on considerably lighter or more collaborative days, they can choose to sit amongst chatty coworkers. This also minimises the need to call meetings as employees who are collaborating on a project can choose to sit around each other.

  1. Reduces Office Expenses

Desk spaces for rent cost much lesser than permanent workplaces. According to a report by Linkedin, hot desking can cut the costs of running an office by 30%. Additionally, since hot desks are rented on a monthly basis, one can choose to upgrade or downgrade desks as per the number of employees, budget and other criteria. Besides, the overheads on electricity, maintenance and other facilities are shared amongst coworkers and ergo are lesser than what a permanent office space has to incur.

The above-discussed particulars only go on to prove why a shift towards hot-desking in Melbourne is highly favourable for businesses to survive the times ahead.

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