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Why Choose a Coworking Space in Melbourne?

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Why Choose a Coworking Space in Melbourne?

With the advancement of technology and popularity of the internet, staying updated and connected has become a way of life. For a thriving business, this has become a necessity. Moreover, the overall nature of businesses is changing. In this day and age, everyone wants to be able to work in spaces that give them more freedom and authority. This is one of the reasons why coworking spaces Melbourne are becoming so favoured in Australia. Cheltenham shared office space is the ideal answer to the query ‘coworking space near me’.

As per research by Coworking Resources, Australia stands 6th in terms of coworking growth in the world with its coworking growth per capita at 3.2%. Melbourne stands 9th amongst cities worldwide. These studies clearly show that many Australian professionals and businesses are now shifting towards coworking spaces in Melbourne. This favourable change might be because of the various benefits that coworking spaces offer when compared to regular offices.

While the benefits of a coworking space are countless, we are listing a few top ones here.

  1. Great for Starting Out

Small businesses, start-ups and independent entrepreneurs are usually on a lookout for offices that offer lower rent and a prominent location. All this is possible with a coworking space in Melbourne. Not just this, these also offer more opportunities for networking and provide additional services at no extra cost. Most of these are situated at prominent locations, giving your business a locational advantage at a lower rent than others. This gives one a run for their money and puts them on the map.

  1. Lower Office Expenses

Businesses have to face a lot of office expenses. These include the cost of electricity, equipment, furniture and inventory,  maintenance and more. In a coworking space, these expenses are included in the rent and are divided amongst the multiple community members. Additionally, services like internet and furnishings are available at negligible or no fee. As mentioned earlier, this minimises overheads thus making these shared spaces cheaper.

  1. Benefits of Work from Home in an Office Setting

Coworking spaces provide businesses and individuals with the best of both worlds. These provide flexibility and authority. The relaxed environment of the home may hinder productivity and pose various distractions. Working around motivating and hard-working people in an office space can instead benefit the business. However, office spaces are expensive and restrictive. A coworking space provides scope for freelancers or entrepreneurs to work at their own pace. This gives them the benefits of work from home at a professional office. Besides, through the events, common rooms and community areas, these spaces encourage a work-life balance.

  1. Provides Networking and Growth Opportunities

In a coworking space, there are a diverse set of individuals and businesses working in different industries. This gives one an opportunity to make more business connections that they can profit by subsequently. At times, this can even lead to advantageous collaborations and partnerships fueling exponential business growth.

  1. Motivational and Energetic Environment

Rarely is one surrounded by diligent individuals who work towards achieving their life goals enthusiastically. These hard workers ultimately motivate others to work meticulously as well. Coworking spaces help with this. They instil the values of a community and promote shared events. This creates a vibrant and energetic atmosphere that one can flourish in.

Hence, these pointers make a coworking space extremely desirable in the modern age. These prove that there is no questioning the upward trend in coworking growth.

If you or your business is looking for an apt coworking space in Melbourne, Cheltenham Coworking may be fitting. We have shared as well as private spaces at the most affordable prices for your convenience.

We are located in the heart of Cheltenham on Nepean Highway, which is a prime business location, a prerequisite for your business interests.

Give us a call to avail our top-notch services.

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